Announcement: Used Massey Ferguson 374 Tractor for Kampla, Uganda

Used Massey Ferguson MF-374 for sale
Massey Ferguson-374 (60 hp) with Front loader and Rotary Tiller
Tractor Front loader
Tractor Rotary Tiller
Used MF-374
Massey Ferguson MF-374 Tractor
Tractor and Implements
Italy MF-374
Buy Used Massey Ferguson 374 Tractor along with Front loader and Rotary Tiller which is readily available for sale just for US$ 24,900 up to any PORT in the world. This Italy made Used Massey Ferguson is in a very good running condition and available for sale at an attractive price.

Used Japanese Toyota Carina: Ready Stock in Kampla Uganda

Japanese Used Toyota Carina for Sale
Used Toyota Carina In Uganda
Online Japanese Toyota Carina
Find Online Japanese Used Toyota Carina
Steering View of Toyota Carina
Engine View of Toyota Carina

Ugandan customers have a best choice to buy a 4 Door Japanese Used Toyota Carina 1999 model, low mileage vehicle for sale at affordable price. This beautiful Right Hand Drive, 1.8 cc engine automatic petrol Sedan vehicle available in tip top condition.

Contact Car Junction Uganda, for further details about Japanese used Sedan.


Bed Shape Planter for Sale in Uganda – Tractor Implements

Bed Shape Planter

1. It performs four function at a time, i.e., marketing beds, furrow, applying seeds and spreading fertilizer.

2. It forms two beds and three furrows in single operation.

3. It Performs better weed control.

4. It forms flat bed to address salt stress.

5. It provides better water management and fertilizer use efficiency.

6. It is provided with placer wheel fir the Placement of seed of proper depth.

.Bed-Shape-Planter - Tractor Implement


Frame 50x 50x 6 mm Ms Box and 6mm M.S Plate
Mast 50x 12 mm and 38X 12 mm M.S Plate
Hitch 75x 36x 6 mm M.S box
Tine 50x 20 mm M.S Plate 760 mm long & shank ok 50x 20 M.S flat
Wings 330x 330 mm of 4 mm M.S sheet, adjustable
Length 1520 mm
Height 2240 mm
Width 2240 mm
Tyre Size Approx. Weight 470 kg

In order to have further information about Bed Shape Planter, please contact us.

Tine Tillers for Sale in Uganda – Tractor Implements

Tine Tillers

Ideal for general cultivating, weeding, pasture renovating and preparing seedbeds.The tiller is available in 4 widths: 9, 11, 13 and 15 tines. The tiller is fully mounted on the tractor by means of category I or II three point hitch pins.

The spring-loaded tines swing back under break-away pressure of 163Kg: pass over the obstruction and return to the working position without affecting the working depth of the implement.

The continual flexing action of the tines shatters the soil breaking up the clods.

The tiller is fitted with 51 mm reversible shovels which are designed for deep penetration.

A working depth upto 229 mm is possible in most soils and is simply controlled while sitting on the tractor seat.

.TineTiller- Tractor Implements


Number of Tines
Linkage Capacity
I & II
I & II
Round steel torsion tubes
Overall Width
2180 mm
2900 mm
2900 mm
Overall Length
813 mm
Tine Spacing

178 mm229 mm

229 mm254 mm

229 mm254 mm

Overall Height
1.02 m
Cultivating Width
1880 mm
2590 mm
2790 mm

In order to have further information about Tine Tillers, please contact us.

Rear Mounted Dozer for Sale in Uganda – Tractor Implements

Rear Mounted Dozer

.Rear Mounted Dozer - Tractor Implements


1. The blade may be offset and angled.
2. The cutting edge is high carbon and replaceable.
3. Full 360 blade turn.
4. The main frame is constructed of formed plate with extra reinforcing.
Wheels for depth control.

In order to have further information about Rear Mounted Dozer, please contact us.

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